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Mission & Virtues


Founders Classical Academy of Lewisville seeks to provide an excellent and distinctively classical education that pursues knowledge, promotes virtue, and prepares students for prosperous lives in a free society.


Classical schools take an approach to education characterized by a traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum and pedagogy, and an orientation towards truth, beauty, and goodness that aims to cultivate wise and virtuous citizens.


Our school crest represents our mission, and the principles we espouse. We promote Founding principles and a classical education, hence our school name is shown encircling the rich symbols within the crest. Our school mascot, and our nation’s national symbol, is the American Bald Eagle. The eagle stands for liberty and is protected with a shield of stripes and seven stars. The colors and symbols on the shield together represent the United States Flag, and the seven stars represent the seven liberal arts of classical education: grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. In the eagle’s talons are three arrows and a key; together they exemplify the fruits of classical education. The arrows signify recognition and defense of truth, beauty, and goodness, and the key represents the acquisition of wisdom. Finally, the school motto appears in Latin at the bottom of the crest. It is “scientia virtus et libertas,” which translated means knowledge, virtue, and liberty. The school motto expresses the idea supported by the Founding Fathers of our nation: if we wish to maintain our individual liberties and our societal freedoms, we must have a well-educated and virtuous citizenry.

School Motto: Scientia Virtus Et Libertas = Knowledge, Virtue, and Liberty

Cardinal Virtues: Courage, Justice, Moderation, and Prudence

Intellectual Virtues: Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom

Student Motto

Honor                     I will honor those things which are good, true, and beautiful.

Respect                  I will show respect to others at all times.

Service                   I will do good things for others without being asked.

Excellence             I will strive for excellence in all things.

Perseverance         I will fulfill commitments and not give up or act on discouragement.

Guidelines for Speech and Civil Discourse

Before you speak, THINK:

   T       It is True?

   H      Is it Helpful?

    I      Is it Inspiring?

   N      Is it Necessary?

        Is it Kind?


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