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Uniforms & Dress Code

Uniform Orders

Make sure to read the 2023-2024 Student Dress Code below for uniform policies and guidelines before purchasing uniform items.


School uniforms must be ordered online through Lands' End. Sixth through twelfth grade PE uniforms can be ordered by going here. Plan on ordering uniforms and PE uniforms at least several weeks before the start of school. 


Click here for uniform photographs.

Student Dress Code 2023-2024

Founders Classical Academy requires students to wear uniforms to help promote an academic school culture and esprit de corps, and to reduce distractions. Our uniform policy is part of a larger effort to maintain high academic and ethical standards and to remind our student body that we are engaged in important work on campus.


Uniforms: Students must arrive at school each day wearing official Founders Classical Academy uniforms. Students must remain in school uniform during the school day and while on campus after school, unless changing for a school athletic activity or another pre-approved school activity. Uniforms must be worn on field trips with rare exceptions.


Uniforms include the hunter green polo shirt with school crest for all grades, and a light blue button down short or long-sleeve Oxford shirt with school crest for 9th-12th graders. Shirts must be buttoned such that only the uppermost button remains undone. Shirts must always be tucked in, and shirttails must be long enough to stay tucked in. A white undershirt may be worn; colored undershirts are not permitted.


Boys’ pants include classic or traditional cut slacks or shorts in khaki or navy. Girls may wear skirts or skorts in khaki, navy or plaid or traditional slacks or shorts in khaki or navy. Boys’ and girls’ pants, skirts, skorts, and shorts must be uniform style (no skinny pants, cargoes, joggers, leggings pants, capris, cropped pants, high waters, khaki jeans, etc.) and can be purchased from Lands' End. If you are not sure whether uniform bottoms meet dress code, please bring them by the office for review. Slacks must reach to the shoe but not drag on the ground. A solid color leather brown or black belt must be used. Slacks must be worn at the waist, and no boxers or undergarments may be visible, including at athletic practices and games. Skirts and skorts must be worn at the waist and not rolled up; hem should be worn at the knee. Privacy shorts or briefs must be worn with skirts. School shorts must be worn with a solid color brown or black belt. Shorts should go to just above the knee but not below, and should not be excessively tight or loose fitting. Shorts should be worn at the waist, and no boxers or undergarments may be visible, including at athletic practices and games. 


Students must wear closed-toe, closed-heel, soled walking or dress shoes; no flip-flops, Crocs, sandals, moccasins, or house shoes. Colors include light or dark brown, black, navy, gray, and white – no bright stripes, accents or logos, glitter sequins, or light-up shoes; athletic shoes must be worn for P.E. (examples can be seen on the school web site). Dress boots may be worn underneath long pants or with uniform skirts; work boots and hiking boots may not be worn to school. The trim of shoes must be neutral in color. Laces on shoes must be pulled through and well tied, and the colors must correspond to the shoe colors listed above. Solid white, black, brown, light brown, or navy socks must be worn and should match; visible product logos should be small in size. No-show or heel-high socks may be worn with shorts, skirts, or skorts, but not when wearing slacks. Tights or leggings must be white, navy, light brown, or black and free of visible logos, decorations, or patterns.


Additional Clothing: During certain times of the year, a student may wish to wear a light jacket or sweater to school to remain warm. Only FCA jackets and sweaters with FCA logos (from the approved FCA vendor) may be worn inside school buildings, including FCA lettermen jackets. Jackets with official FCA logos purchased prior to this year may be worn. On cold or rainy days, other sweaters and jackets may be worn to school but students must take them off and hang them on classroom cubbie hooks or place them in lockers upon entering the school building. Hoodies, trench coats and dusters are not allowed. High school students may wear a traditional navy blue blazer with their Oxford shirts and conservative-traditional ties (examples can be seen on the school web site).


P.E. Clothing for 6th-12th Graders: Students must wear official FCA P.E. uniform apparel (order via the school web site) in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc.). During cold weather seasons students may wear solid black sweat pants without logos or designs. Boxers or undergarments may not be visible. P.E. shirts must be worn either tucked in or well over the waist of the shorts, if not tucked in. No midriffs may be shown. Athletic shoes must be worn for P.E. (refer to the notes about shoes).


Athletic Team Clothing (for after school practices): Students must wear modest athletic wear in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc.). Athletic shorts or pants during cold weather should be worn at the waist and should be no shorter than mid-thigh and no longer than just below the knee. No spandex, short shorts, or long baggy shorts are permitted. Boxers or undergarments may not be visible. Colors may include: navy blue, burgundy, dark green, black, or grey. Pants must be free of designer messages. T-shirts must be worn either tucked in or well over the waist of the pants/shorts, if not tucked in. No midriffs may be shown, and no tank tops, camisoles, or sports bras may be worn as outer garments. T-shirts should be a solid color and free of messages; this excludes an official school t-shirt with mascot (students may wear FCA athletic wear with school logos sold by approved vendors.). T-shirt colors include navy blue, grey, burgundy, or dark green.


Spirit Day: The first Friday of each month is designated as Spirit Day. Students may wear blue jeans without holes, without slits, and must be free of decorations or embellishments; students may not wear skinny or baggy jeans, joggers, leggings jeans, or capris. Students may wear any approved spirit-wear t-shirts, including shirts approved for extra-curricular activities or uniform shirts. There may be other pre-approved, designated days, where spirit wear may be worn. If students are not wearing spirit wear, they must be in uniform.


Formal Fridays: On the third Friday of each month, high school students may dress in professional business attire. Attire includes suits or a sports coat and a tie with slacks and dress shoes for boys, and for girls a business suit (e.g. shirt and a blouse with or without a blazer or dress slacks and a blouse with or without a blazer with dress shoes). If students do not dress in business attire they must wear traditional school uniforms.


Grooming and Hygiene: Startling, unusual, or immodest attire of any sort is not allowed. Fads in hairstyles, clothing, or anything designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus is not allowed. Hair is to be clean and well groomed. Unusual coloring (e.g. blue, red, pink, green, purple, etc.), streaking, or excessive hairstyles (e.g., “tails,” “designs,” tall “puffs,” “mohawks,” “fauxhawk/fohawk,” etc.) and nail decorations are not allowed. Words, symbols, or designs shaved in hair (including facial hair and eyebrows) are not allowed. Boys’ hair must have trimmed sideburns; hair may not touch the collar of the shirt when the student is standing and should be out of the student’s eyes; boys should not have man-buns, top knots or pony tales. Boys must be clean-shaven.


Tongue rings/studs, nose rings/studs, and visible body piercings, other than earrings on girls, are not allowed. Dangling earrings are not allowed. Spacers in place of pierced earrings are not allowed. No gauges may be worn in pierced ears. Visible tattoos and body art are not allowed.


Hats, scarves, bandanas, hair coverings, sweatbands, or hooded shirts and sweatshirts are not allowed except under circumstances designated by the Headmaster. Grills or temporary decorations on teeth are not allowed. Chains, handcuffs, jewelry, or accessories that suggest weaponry are not allowed. Jewelry and accessories should be modest and simple. 


Enforcement Policies: If a student’s dress or grooming is inappropriate or objectionable under these provisions, faculty or staff shall request the student to make appropriate corrections. If the student is unable to meet the dress code or refuses to make the necessary corrections, the Headmaster or his designee shall notify the student’s parent and request that the parent make the necessary correction. If both the student and parent refuse, the Headmaster shall take disciplinary action.


Appropriate disciplinary procedures shall be followed, including removal from school until the student is in compliance with the dress code. Decisions of the Headmaster or designee regarding dress and grooming are considered final. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in disciplinary action.


*Phase out of old uniform bottoms and shirts: Students who have uniforms from older or other vendors may continue to wear them this year so long as they meet uniform guidelines. New purchases should be made from Lands’ End as non-Lands’ End bottoms will be phased out over time. Note that the old burgundy polo shirts are being phased out and should not be worn after December of 2023.